I’m a shiny little paperclip.
I hold on tight so your papers don’t slip.
I’m here to help you stay organized.
That’s what I do so don’t be surprised.

I can be made of wire or sometimes I’m plastic.
Either way, I’m totally fantastic.
If there are just a few papers, I slip on really quick.
You have to be careful if the stack is very thick.

If you use me correctly, on me you can depend.
It’s okay to stretch me, but a problem if I bend.
If I get out of shape, my clipping days are through.
Stretch me too much and I’ll quit working for you.

I can lose my zip and forget how to clip.
The papers I hold will all start to slip.
Grab them fast before they fall on the floor.
I think I won’t be clipping anymore.

It’s sad, but I’m too bent to squeeze.
I’m about as useless as a box full of fleas.
Are you talking to me? Do you have a plan?
That’s a great idea and I will if I can.

It’s time for you to take a look.
I’ve twisted into a fishing hook.
If you’re ready to fish, it’s time to start.
I’m ready to help you because you’re soooo smart.