Does 20 seconds ring any bells for you? Had I asked you that just a few weeks ago, you likely wouldn’t have had a clue. These days though, most everyone knows about 20 seconds. Think washing your hands while social distancing and sheltering in place.

I certainly have no advice about how to wash your hands, when to wash or how often. I’m just helping with that 20 seconds thing. It’s not very long but seems like a long time to wash my hands. I’m just washing away, wondering if the 20 seconds are up yet.

Let’s start with just how long 20 seconds is. Listen for the bell. When it stops, the 20 seconds are up.

Are you ready for a pop quiz? I’ll play the time keeping bell and you can add the selection of your choice. Bonus points for choosing the presidents, extra points for Peter Piper, and double bonus points for Jack and Jill.

Now you know so there you go. Be well, stay safe, and don’t forget to wash those hands. Yes, they are the same hands that you keep away from your face.